Picture - Gallery of Irish wolfhound/Irländsk varghund/ Irsk ulvehund

First Christmas

Snow show
Rozzi & Lotta

Rozzi and Swan

Rozzi in Profile

Jan_2007 Delta Race

Rozzi & Maiko
Rozzi in Dogshow
Rozzi and his first puppis
Rozzi and 8 weeks puppys
Lure Coursing
Rozzi and Viper

Rune brother to Rozzi
Nessi sister to Rozzi
Rozzi & Viper
Viper& Rozzi on Delta
George puppi of Rozzi
Whinter bath

Rozzi in move
Rozzi's puppy in Suomi
Greirish Meeting 080503
Greirish Meeting 080710
Rozzi and Vincent
autumn season

Rozzi puppy2006